timken wheel bearings Bearing Details:

       Timken Formed Hub is a single integrated unit that can be bolted directly onto corners, eliminating the need for conventional components like washers, spacers and nuts.  Its design provides for lower total system cost, commonization opportunities, improved performance, reduced weight and lower warranty costs.


     Design Attributes

     Designed with up to 75% fewer components, reducing assembly time and lowering costs for  sourcing, inventory and assembly.

     Allows the same configuration to be used on driven and non-driven wheels, replacing the conventional 4x2 (dead) spindle.

      Features an advanced sensor and sensor technology for superb performance.
Holds bearing setting more consistently than traditional thread and nut designs.  The resulting system stiffness reduces rotor runout and improves brake performance.

      Reduces weight by up to 20% per assembly compared to conventional wheel end solutions.

      Self-clamped design eliminates high stress in the spindle and CV joint, reducing overall warranty costs caused by bearing wear and failure.


      Passenger car and light truck wheels
Timken's 454-Series wheel bearings for dual and wide single tires are specifically designed to handle 2 inch outset loads. 454-Series sets help commercial vehicle customers conserve fuel, carry greater loads, standardize components and maximize uptime.


      Design Attributes

     Allows for component consistency among fleets and provides for flexibility of wheel arrangements.

      Compatible with industry standard components - 454-Series sets can be used with popular axle and hub designs and can retrofit into existing equipment.

      Sets feature highly engineered raceway profiles for optimal stress distribution.
Proprietary surface finishes further enhance bearing performance.


     Heavy truck wheel ends equipped with dual or wide single tires.

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